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Leadership coaching will help your leaders to get to the next level. Coaching is an individual and tailored experience of self-development. Training courses are great at providing skills and knowledge needed to be effective in leadership. Coaching is a way in which leaders can work at a deeper, more personal level.

With a range of coaches to match to individuals, their expertise will guide your leaders to get clarity of their vision and goals, the strategies and actions needed to achieve those goals and create personal insights so leaders to reach their potential and developing them both personally and professionally.

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What to expect from coaching?

Coaching is about focusing on future possibility and how that can be achieved.

We will hold your leaders accountable to be the best version of themselves. Your leaders just need to bring an openness, honesty and embrace the possibility.

Typically, a 6 to 9 month coaching engagement of six to twelve 90 minute sessions, either online or face to face or a mixture of both depending on the coachees requirement.

Examples of coaching engagements include;

• Leadership Mindset
• Dealing with Imposter Syndrome”
• New Manager promoted from within to lead the team – establishing credibility quickly
• Promotion to a C-level role and have impact in the first 90 days
• Managing self and others through organizational change
• Work – home – self – achieving balance
• Leveraging strengths 

Leadership Development

We know that people want and expect different things and they will often look to their line manager to get it. Your organisation needs effective leadership at all levels.

We’ll partner with you to;
• Assess current leadership performance; skills and capability 
• Identify the competencies that support your business strategy in the short and longer term
• Create engaging and relevant leadership programmes
• Identifying metrics to measure return on investment

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Our standard or bespoke programmes are designed to have that ‘stickability’ factor, driving positive leadership behaviours.

Your investment will close the gaps of competence and capability, and build a strong leadership culture.

Examples of work we have done;
• International leadership programme to accelerate development of high potentials
• First level line management programmes
• European leadership programme build in person and virtual, with accountability sessions
• Senior level leadership behaviours programme, including group and individual coaching

Culture & Engagement 


We recognise that all organisations are different, with their own unique strengths and areas of challenge.   Our internationally experienced culture & engagement specialists will work with you to identify the levers that will accelerate increase engagement, and your people and business performance. 

Examples of work we have done;

• Increasing collaboration to improve outcomes 
• Ownership and Accountability – stepping up without waiting for permission 
• Driving change and being change agents to lead the way
• Resistance to change – mindset and attitudes 
• Communication programmes – communicating with purpose, effective communication
• Diversity and Inclusion  
• Different ways of working 

Group networking


Engagement is about emotional commitment to the work and organisation.  When people are emotionally committed, they care more and will give more to ensure the best outcome. 

Engagement surveys are a quick and easy way to provide you insight into how they feel; their thoughts and attitudes towards their work and the organisation.  With our international expertise in designing and implementing survey programmes, we’ll help you identify which levers in your business will have the greatest positive impact on your engagement levels and design & deliver bespoke action plans to implement and embed the change.


To discuss further, please contact us or book a 30 minute Introductory call directly with me, Sian

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The Value of Building a Strong Network

This is something that has actually come up quite a lot in my leadership coaching and workshops recently, so today I’m sharing my thoughts around why the ability to build a strong network is a really powerful tool to have in the leadership toolkit!

I’m also sharing the key 3 things in terms of the value that building strong networks brings.

Imposter syndrome

I’ve been talking a lot about confidence lately in my coaching with leaders and imposter syndrome is something that has cropped up a few times.

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