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Sian is a sought after leadership specialist
and the founder of Aligned Leadership.

With over 20 years experience working with leaders in organisations and having been a leader myself, I truly understand the challenges that leaders face today. My role as a coach, facilitator and trainer is to transform leaders to achieve greater team performance and results.

Working closely with with HR, L&D and Business Leaders I support organisations to develop leadership cultures and capability driven by the right behaviours. I help leaders to create great work environments with clear vision and purpose that is aligned to the business strategy & goals.

Through one to one coaching, group programmes run online or face to face, or designing bespoke packages, I help my clients to not just develop good leaders, but inspirational ones.


The role of leaders is more critical than ever before in creating places where people choose to work and give their best performance. So many leaders are promoted off the back of great reputations, built on technical skills and expertise, but unfortunately this doesn’t mean that they will be a good people leader. Being a great leader requires a completely different set of skills, behaviours and a mindset shift.

This is where I come in to help!

I work with individuals, teams and organisations to deliver training that transforms mindsets, changes behaviour and equip leaders with the skills they need to be the best leader that they can be.

Being naturally collaborative, with a touch of humour helps to create dialogue, interaction and a fun and engaging learning environment. My style has been described as creative, intelligent, professional and practical and I bring a depth of insight as well as tremendous energy and enthusiasm to all that I do.
Leaders will continue to be at the heart of the work I do and helping leaders to truly be the best leaders they can be. Great leadership with a human touch is critical to business success and I’m passionate about bringing this to the organisations I work with!

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Who we are

Our Approach

To achieve success, organisations need leaders who can support that success, not detract from it.

We know from our experience that leading people is a really tough job. The world is ever more complex for a variety of reasons; digitalisation, multiple generations in the work place, increased competition, globalisation, individuals who want balance in their life and continuous dialogue about their performance and development, and a global pandemic that has seen the world of work shift on its axis.
Individuals have more choice about where they work, how they work, who they work with, why they work and when they work than ever before.
Why then is leadership such a challenge?

“Sian was great to work with and her design of the programme was the start of something very special”.  Austin Swain, Lane4

The leader becomes the pivotal point to keep everything and everyone in balance. In our experience, the challenges for leaders is in;
  • the people and situations around them
  • from the leaders behaviours and impact on those around them
  • the expectations of the leadership role
The value of leaders today is in the ability for them to build trust and connection with others. Based on research and experience, I developed the Aligned Leadership framework that involves working with leaders on three core elements – LEADER, TEAM and CULTURE. We offer a range of tools to be able to assess current leadership capability including DISC profiling, 360 feedback, Personality questionnaires and expertise internationally in developing leadership visions that define the knowledge skills and hehaviours that leaders need to be successful. Our success in repeat business is built on designing and delivering development programmes that are specifically designed to be right for your people and your organisation, and to deliver the results that are right for you. With a core team of coaches, trainers and facilitators and a range of associates, we will design and deliver solutions to work remotely, face to face for individuals, teams or groups of people from within your organisation. To discuss further, please contact us or book a 30 minute Introductory call directly with me, Sian
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Providing the space and time for leaders to work through their development in a deep and transformational way and in their own way with the expertise offered by our range of coaches.

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Leaders are the bridge between business vision, strategy & goals and business delivery. Organisations are full of people employed to do a job, yet we know it’s not that simple. People want more.

Group networking

Culture &

Culture is about behaviours and the ‘way things work around here’. Engagement is about how your people feel about working in that culture. A positive culture will result in greater engagement and in turn greater performance.

Who we are

Our Team

Lucy Adams - Personal Impact Coach

Lucy has worked in the training industry since 1999, specialising in Personal impact workshops and interactive learning. Her experience stretches from 1:1 roleplay, presenting and delivering workshops, facilitation, through to observational forum theatre and beyond. Her approachable and engaging attitude brings the best out in people and is why many participants enjoy learning with her. She has worked in both the public & private sector, in the UK as well as internationally. Lucy is also a professional voiceover artist.

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Adrian Wheatley - Leadership Coach

Adrian spent many years in corporate life before starting his own business in 2015. His experience comes from HR and Learning and Development roles across a variety of sectors. A pivotal moment for him came while training as a coach and seeing first-hand what can be achieved as the result of a successful coaching relationship. He has a down-to-earth and supportive style in helping clients to clarify their goals, to challenge their thinking and to explore different perspectives.
Adrian’s reward comes from witnessing his clients’ personal growth as they remove barriers to success and in being present for their ‘penny-dropping’ moments.

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The Value of Building a Strong Network

This is something that has actually come up quite a lot in my leadership coaching and workshops recently, so today I’m sharing my thoughts around why the ability to build a strong network is a really powerful tool to have in the leadership toolkit!

I’m also sharing the key 3 things in terms of the value that building strong networks brings.

Imposter syndrome

I’ve been talking a lot about confidence lately in my coaching with leaders and imposter syndrome is something that has cropped up a few times.

So today I thought it would be useful to share with you what imposter syndrome actually is, the affect it can have on your leaders, how to recognise it and what you can actually do to help them to overcome this.

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