The Value of Building a Strong Network

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This is something that has actually come up quite a lot in my leadership coaching and workshops recently, so today I’m sharing my thoughts around why the ability to build a strong network is a really powerful tool to have in the leadership toolkit!

I’m also sharing the key 3 things in terms of the value that building strong networks brings.

Imposter syndrome

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I’ve been talking a lot about confidence lately in my coaching with leaders and imposter syndrome is something that has cropped up a few times.

So today I thought it would be useful to share with you what imposter syndrome actually is, the affect it can have on your leaders, how to recognise it and what you can actually do to help them to overcome this.

The Future of Leadership

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In today’s video I’m talking about the future of leadership and how things could look in 2030.

I’m sharing my thoughts on the pace of change, the uncertainty that leaders face, plus other key areas I see as having a big impact on the future of leadership.

4 Ways To Build Personal Resilience

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Building personal resilience is something that has been coming up a lot recently in my work with leaders. Many organistations are dealing with challenges which means that the pace people are working at can be fairly intense and leads to them feeling the pressure.

Building personal resilience is so important in times like this, so today I wanted to share 4 ways to practically do this.